ISK's functional material products are generally divided into the following classes.    For expanded information on a particular class, please click on the closest menu    button, or simply select by the appropriate CLASS CATEGORY shown below. To    view the technical data sheet for a particular product, click on the data sheets button    on the menu and select the desired item class.

  • Ultrafine TiO2 - TTO SERIES

       ISK's TTO-55 and TTO-51 series are ultrafine rutile TiO2 developed with our own    technology. The particle sizes are approximately one-tenth the size of pigmentary    TiO2, ranging from 0.01 to 0.05um, and offer excellent transparency and ultraviolet    shielding effects. Ultrafine TiO2 is rapidly gaining popularity and is being used in new    automotive coatings to achieve opalescence or flip-flop effects on cars. These    products also have widespread usage in sunscreen products as ultraviolet light    absorbers.

  • Electro-conductive TiO2 - ET SERIES (1)

       White electrically conductive TiO2 can be used to add color and to prevent the    buildup of static electricity. It can be used in plastic wall coverings, floor coverings,    paint, electrically conductive fibers, electrostatic copy paper, and other items in    which the accumulation of static electricity in undesirable. Moreover, it is unaffected    by humidity, demonstrates perfect physical and chemical stability, and has excellent    resistance to heat and light.

  • Electro-conductive Acicular TiO2 - FT SERIES (2)

       The shape of this acicular white TiO2 substantially improves its electrical    conductivity. It is effective even in small amounts, and because it is white, it can be    mixed easily with other colors. This new kind of TiO2 has many potential applications    including antistatic materials and electrostatic recording paper.

  • Electro-conductive Material - SN SERIES (3)

       The SN series of tin oxide conductive ultrafine particles, with primary particles of no    less than 0.1 um, are marketed in many forms. Excellent transparency and    conductivity can be obtained in paints when SN products are added. These paints    can be applied to products that require antistatic agents, such as clean room walls,    car seats, plastic sheets, glass products and papers.

  • Electro-conductive Material - FS SERIES (4)

       Due to the fine acicular shape, FS products can be used for coatings or plastics    with less amount to obtain the required electroconductivity as compared to the    conventional spherical electo-conductive materials.

  • High Purity TiO2

       CR-EL and PT-401/501 series are ultra-high purity TIO2 products containing very few    impurities. They offer superior dispersability, compatibility and reactivity for ceramics    applications. They are especially suitable for electroceramic industry condensers,    PZT, PTC and sensors. Other end uses of high purity TiO2 are as capsules for    pharmaceuticals and as food additives.

  • Acicular TiO2 - FTL SERIES   

       Our FTL series products are unique reinforcing materials for use where an extremely    small or thin particle size is required. These materials have applications in plastic,    ceramics, paints, paper and rubber.

  • Catalytic TiO2 - MC SERIES   

       Our MC series materials are specifically designed to take advantage of the catalytic    and absorbtive qualities of TiO2. One the primary applications of these products is in    the elimination of nitrogen oxide (NOx).